What Middle East brands does Al Maya Group distribute?

Since 1982, Al Maya Trading has ensured the smooth supply of brands to prominent retailers and supermarket chains. The Al Maya Group has enriched the market of UAE with a variety of brands from all over the world. Being one of the leading logistics and distribution companies in UAE, we ensure that we boost our infrastructure by bringing in the recent technologies and state-of-the-art warehouse management systems in our supply chain management. We strive to provide a platform to these brands where they get the recognition they deserve, and offer a pleasing experience to our clients as well.

Below is our range of clients spread all over the world, including some Middle Eastern countries, namely Jordan, UAE, and Oman:

1. Nabil Foods :Nabil Foods has been a popular household name in Jordan since 1945 and serves a variety of sectors, including hotels, schools, hospitals, and catering. It offers an impressive range of chilled and frozen products. The making of products involves the use of the latest technology, with no additives and raw materials devoid of GMO (genetically modified organism). It not only ensures the best quality of products but also adheres to global safety standards.

2. Protein Bakeshop :Protein Bakeshop is a UAE-based brand, which focuses on providing you with the bliss of fulfilling your sugar cravings, without affecting your health in any way. It replaces refined sugar with natural sugars and uses increased amounts of good fats and proteins, thereby enhancing the nutritional value of its products - now enjoy your dessert with no guilt! With Protein Bakeshop, we not only offer a variety of desserts but also promote a healthy lifestyle. To establish this much-needed balance, we have collaborated with the best nutritionist in the city, Rashi Chowdhary, who has worked with us to create all our healthy, tasty recipes.

3. Luxus :Luxus is an Oman-based brand which offers garbage bags that are thick and strong enough to hold a variety of things, like toys, holiday decorations, clothing, laundry, and other household materials. They help to keep your kitchen and the rest of the house, garbage-free and clean.

4. Teeb :Teeb is a brand from Oman, which is famous for producing ozone-friendly, light and lingering aromas that are made from pure attars formed in our factory, supervised thoroughly for quality control. The ingredients that go into it are not toxic at all. Since there is no water or any other kind of liquid in it, you can also apply it on fabrics.

5. Minara :When people talk about quality in products like cooking oils, ghee, and other kitchen essentials in Oman, the first name that comes to mind is Minara. It is known for making the purest and healthiest Sunflower cooking oil, enriched with Vitamins D and E and less saturated fat. The plant where cooking oils, speciality fats, butter, and mayonnaise are made is hygienic and quite advanced.

These brands cater to a wide audience with high-quality, varied products, and they believe in offering a valuable experience to all their customers. So, if you ever want to buy any of the products mentioned above, you should drop in and check out these brands at the nearest Al Maya Supermarket.