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Over the years, the Al Maya Group has successfully introduced more than 50 of the world’s finest food brands to the region. With over a million square feet of warehousing space and one of the largest logistics and distribution companies in UAE, Al Maya Trading ensures seamless supply of these brands to key retailers and leading supermarket chains.

With the mission of delivering excellence, we constantly upgrade our infrastructure by introducing the latest technologies in supply chain management including state-of-the-art Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

As true brand ambassadors, the Group maintains the essence of each of these brands by providing an amazing B2B experience for all clients, earning them recognition as a trusted distribution service partner on an international level.

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Maximizing Efficiency: Understanding the Vital Role of Warehousing in Effective Supply Chain Management

By Al Maya 04, May 2023

Effective supply chain management heavily relies on the role of the logistics warehouse, which is responsible for facilitating the efficient flow of goods from manufacturers to end consumers and retailers

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Revamp Your Warehouse Management: 5 Tips to Upgrade Your Outdated Process

By Al Maya 02, May 2023

The retail and warehousing industry has seen a significant change over the past few years. A proper warehousing management system is the core of logistics and warehousing companies in Dubai.

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How Wholesale Food Distributors Help Grocery Stores Manage Inventory and Distribution

By Al Maya 28, April 2023

The food retail industry is undergoing significant transformation, making it a challenging and dynamic market. While the grocery business has never been accessible, the current changes are unprecedented in decades

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