What does the future of the supply chain look like in the UAE?

The UAE is a major global hub for wholesale food distributors and there are numerous distribution companies in Dubai as well. Considering the burgeoning UAE logistics market size and the overall performance of the logistics industry in Dubai, it can be said that the future looks brighter but clearly digital. 

Experts clearly state that the future belongs to market players and wholesale distributors who can rapidly evolve and implement digitization across the entire supply chain. More logistics and distribution businesses are steadily adopting more efficient and eco-friendly technologies which lower operational expenditure and overall wastage while greatly adding value to any business. At the same time, this helps them tap into Dubai’s immense locational potential. The Emirate helps in accessing a whopping 2/3rds of the global population within only 8 hours by air. Paperless transactions are anyway the norm now in Dubai and many other innovative concepts are also being tested. 

If you were to make a list of logistics companies in UAE that have stayed firmly ahead of the curve, then Al Maya Distribution, a subsidiary of the Al Maya Group, would certainly top the list. The Group has already introduced 50+ leading global food brands to the UAE over the last few years while possessing more than 1 million sq ft in overall warehousing space and 100+ delivery vehicles, along with building up a sizable market presence throughout the UAE. The company is perennially working on technology and process upgrades, making use of cutting-edge WMS (warehouse management system) and other innovations. 

The company has deployed sizable investments towards building infrastructure, setting up advanced warehousing facilities throughout the GCC zone including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. This ensures timely product delivery to clients throughout the entire zone. The facilities are compliant with global food safety management standards while earning diverse accreditations and certifications. Al Maya Distribution has also invested in the latest MSFA (mobile sales force automation) and merchandising solutions. The major backbones of its distribution prowess include top-notch infrastructure, financial standing, and representation of global and multinational brands, long-term relationships with its trade channel partners, and a skilled team of professionals. 

There is a clearly laid out route to the market perspective that encompasses all the channels throughout the GCC, via contemporary trading, conventional trading, co-operatives, foodservice channels, and petrol stations alike. The company is part of a blueprint to launch new brands, products, and channel-based product strategies, along with covering budgeting, forecasting, inventory planning, sales analysis, timely reports, weighted and numeric distribution reach, and also market-based intelligence. The Group has set up one of its most advanced warehousing establishments at Dubai’s National Industries Complex for spurring future growth. Senior managers have also been equipped with IBM’s business intelligence tool Cognos. The logistics and warehousing facilities make use of systems derived from Germany with consistent expansion and growth. The Group itself represents various renowned global brands in the UAE and several other regions.