US-based brands distributed by Al Maya Distribution

With more than a million square feet of space for warehouses, one of the leading distribution companies in the UAE, Al Maya trading ensures a smooth supply management chain. We have introduced over 50 widely popular brands from all over the world to the space we cater to. With a constant focus on enhancing our infrastructure, we have introduced the latest technological advancements, including state-of-the-art WMSs, i.e. warehouse management systems, in our supply chain management. As a reliable distribution company, we yearn to retain the essence of each and every brand by offering a satisfying B2B experience and giving our clients deserving recognition on a global level. One of the countries whose brands we distribute is the USA.

Here are the American brands distributed by Al Maya Distribution


Based in Austin Minn, Hormel Foods is a global marketer and manufacturer of premium food and meat products for people all over the world. Its offerings are marketed under some widely popular brand names, including SPAM products. It was recognized as one of the 100 best corporate citizens by a magazine called Corporate Responsibility for the 8th consecutive time.

Kraft Heinz

The H.J. Heinz company is the most widely spread US based food company. We, at Al Maya Distribution, bring the same feel and freshness Heinz is known for by offering a wide range of products, including corned beef and tuna flakes.

American Kitchen

American Kitchen is a Delaware based company that understands every house does not become home without a well-organized kitchen. It offers a variety of kitchen products, including syrups, sauces, pie-filling, and salad dressings.


Established in the US by Joseph Rosenfield in 1933, Skippy is a peanut butter brand widely known for offering longer lasting and less sticky peanut butter. It offers natural peanut butter, which is the first no-stir natural peanut butter spread. It involves the flavors and ingredients that make it yummy.

Frontier brand

The Frontier brand is known for celebrating the trend of charcoal grilling and giving its customers a pleasing, memorable outdoor grilling experience. The concept is often practiced as a way of enjoying quality time with your family. So, to enliven their fun, family times, it offers varied products like high-quality fuels, charcoal, and wood.

So, with our effective services and the supreme quality of brands, we enrich the lives of people in the UAE and give them access to a variety of products. Our distribution channels also ensure quality assurance and enable the brands to reach out to more people.