Trends food distributors need to focus on in the Post-COVID world

The COVID-19 outbreak definitely changed the way people perceive grocery shopping and food. During the lockdown, many people opted for online food ordering, started learning how to cook, and started eating healthy food items. Since health and sustainability have been two prominent factors that people are expecting brands to focus on, brands started introducing healthier product categories and offering transparency. This is exactly why brands that are able to make their customers feel more informed and confident about what they are buying are surely more reliable and thriving. 

There are various changes in supply chains and hazard controls that have led food distributors in the UAE to operate differently and interact with their customers differently. Due to these changes, disruptions and downturns, there are certain trends in the food and beverage industry that have come about, and that food distributors in the UAE should definitely focus on. Here are those trends: 

1) Certain habits will stay in the Post-COVID world 

Many people developed certain habits during the lockdown, like eating healthy food items, shopping online for groceries, and expecting high-end food safety and regulations. So, food distribution companies in the UAE that are able to provide their customers with immense transparency and minimum supply chain disruptions will be able to ensure effective customer retention and loyalty. 

2) Technology will play a major role 

Certain technological innovations, like AI-based technologies, contactless ordering, and payments, are required to ensure the health and safety of customers as well as workers involved. food distribution companiesin Dubai need to ensure seamless supply chain systems by managing risks better through AI driven innovations. So, if you want to add another level of safety that goes beyond government safety guidelines, you would have to integrate these technological innovations in various aspects of your business. 

3) Food brands that provide health and taste will thrive 

As a reliable food distributor in Dubai, we, at Al Maya Trading, know that food distribution companies that can manage to deliver a perfect blend of taste and health to their customers will thrive in this post-COVID world. Now the idea of ensuring what you are eating is healthy and safe is ingrained in our by-default behaviour, which will be significant in the long run. 

4) Sustainability is the need of the hour 

With various audience segments asking brands to thrive sustainably and relying on and choosing brands that are more responsible towards the environment, many food distributors have also taken up several sustainability initiatives, like visibility and transparency in product sourcing and manufacturing and less food waste. Customers are now more inclined towards products that are locally produced without overuse of chemicals in cropping systems, which ensures less greenhouse gas emissions. 

5) Home-cooked meals will be preferred more 

Since the lockdown began, people have slowly and gradually started understanding the importance of eating healthy, home-cooked food. People will be more likely to opt for cooking than going out, so as a leading food distribution company in Dubai, we see a gradual shift towards healthier ingredients. People want to make healthier versions of what they love to eat by buying healthier ingredients, so food distributors that can provide a wide variety of healthy ingredients and brands to choose from, will be able to bounce back faster and better. 

These factors have significantly changed people’s buying behaviours and eating habits, as well as how brands operate. Nowadays brands are relying on insights gathered from high-end marketing tools and then creating campaigns accordingly to further their sales and business, in order to give their customers what they want. So, as a leading food distribution company in the UAE, we strongly believe in the power of leveraging these trends and enhancing the customer base along with customer trust and loyalty.