Japan-based brands that are distributed by Al Maya trading

Being one of the biggest distribution companies in the UAE, Al Maya trading has been providing prominent retailers and supermarkets with a variety of brands without any hassle, since it began to exist. Considering the vast warehousing space and infrastructure, we keep enhancing it with the inclusion of advanced technologies in supply chain management for the maximum efficiency. Al Maya Group has introduced a variety of brands to the people of UAE from various parts of the world. Al Maya trading is all about delivering high-quality, excellent products and services. It has surely given so many brands the recognition that they deserve on a global platform. Japan is one of the countries whose brands have diversified our collection of brands.

Here are the brands based out of Japan that we distribute:

Pocari Sweat

POCARI SWEAT, derived and developed from the IV solution formula by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals, one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Japan, is a refreshing drink with IONs that hydrate your body. It is designed to match your body fluid and hydrates you more efficiently than water. With its replenishing qualities, POCARI SWEAT serves as an ideal drink for a healthy lifestyle. Be it a morning walk, a hot humid day, a long day at the office, a work out at a gym, a marathon run, before commencing your fast & while breaking your fast during the holy month of Ramadan, POCARI SWEAT is your best buddy for quick and longer hydration.

Oronamin C Drink

ORONAMIN C is a popular carbonated drink in the United Arab Emirates, celebrating over 35 years of emotional bonding & happiness amongst not only the local Emiratis but also expats. Made in Japan, ORONAMIN C, over the past few years, has gained a generic name of being UAfavouriterite local drink in every household. ORONAMIN C has vitamins and honey with no preservatives and coloring agents. So, you get the goodness of ORONAMIN C in every sip.
So, whenever and wherever you want a refreshing drink, go for ORONAMIN C.

So, if you are looking for carbonated or nutrition drinks in UAE, visit a nearby Al Maya supermarket and look for the brands mentioned above. They are not only nutritional but also delicious.