Transparency in the Food Distribution Industry | Al Maya

You should be aware of what you eat. Mindful consumption is what every customer of today's world longs for. With food-related terms or words, like organic, 100% natural, homemade, healthy, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, surfacing more frequently on the Internet these days, consumers have started expecting transparency. They carry a sense of responsibility and want to opt for a healthier lifestyle, which is why more people opt for healthier alternatives today. They read the details given on food packages to understand what they are about to eat, which is making food distributors more responsible when it comes to what they offer.

We, as one of the leading food distributors in the UAE, strongly believe that brands that offer transparency are of utmost importance. People prefer such brands simply because with transparency, comes enhanced customer trust and loyalty. A brand giving its customers the desired transparency will always come off as a more reliable brand than the ones that don't offer it. There have been concerns regarding the use of pesticides and the presence of GMOs, i.e. Genetically modified organisms, that compel consumers to be more watchful. So, transparency is vital for the success of any F&B brand in a world where anyone can find any kind of information they need online. There are majorly three factors that make it more necessary for brands to be transparent about their offerings, sustainability, health, and sourcing.

With so much information available online regarding the side effects of eating unhealthy food and so many brands encouraging you to opt for healthier alternatives, consumers are very particular about their health. They have started understanding that if they don't find a perfect balance between taste and health, it can lead to health issues. So, they look for products that do not consist of GMOs or that have not been developed with chemicals. Even vegans and vegetarians are going through all the information available on their food packages, in order to know if the products resonate with their lifestyles.

One more aspect that's making people expect transparency more than before is sustainability. Over the last decade, talks revolving around sustainability have definitely etched in the minds of marketers who have to ensure that they also talk about how sustainable their products are. So, food brands are also expected to do the same. People are more responsible towards the environment and they also expect their preferred brands to share the same value. Before buying a food product, they see if it is sustainable or not and they prefer to buy it from a brand that focuses on sustainability as much as quality, health, and taste.

Last but not least, sourcing is important. Local food production is given more attention these days, as consumers want local farmers to benefit, too. In addition, food that's locally produced also feels fresher and tastes healthier. So, consumers do prefer brands for certain products, like crops, that encourage local food production and source their products from local farmers.

We, at Al Maya Trading, source our wide range of products from various parts of the world. We host plenty of brands from all over the world, including Spain, Denmark, Australia, Japan, and India, as well as from the UAE. Being a reliable food distributor, we understand how important transparency is and we yearn to provide our customers with it, regardless of the product they buy. For us, customer satisfaction is an important factor, which is why we not only talk about transparency but also make consistent efforts to offer it to our customers in all possible ways.