How can you distribute a new product?

There are several factors that shape the success of a new product. One of those important factors is product distribution. No matter how unique or amazing your product is, it won’t be a success in the market if it is not distributed effectively. Many good products tend to fail simply because of poor product distribution. So, as one of the leading wholesale distributors worldwide, we know how significant it is to understand how you can distribute a new product to enhance its sales and reach.

There are a few ways you can distribute or sell your product. You can sell it directly to end-users, i.e. customers, through your website or other online shopping portals, which will also be beneficial to your brand from the perspective of marketing. Or, you can give it to retailers that, in turn, sell your product to customers. aHowever, this can be time-consuming. Independent retail owners don’t prefer dealing with multiple manufacturers. Instead, they look for reliable wholesale distributors because they are a one-stop solution for all their requirements, thereby being the most convenient way of distributing your product.

Distributing your product requires you to find a reliable distributor, though, so you need to know what parameters they consider while choosing suppliers.

At Al Maya Trading, we have consistently introduced a variety of brands from all over the world to the people of the UAE. We strive to associate with brands that believe in delivering the best. Here is a list of factors that all wholesale distributors focus on:

Is your product profitable and scalable?

What is the cost of stockpiling?

Do you sell multiple products?

It’s important to realize that it is always better to pick a perfect mix of multiple wholesale distributors. So, you don’t have to rely on one distributor for effective product distribution. Since the set of criteria that your customers follow to decide whether they want to buy your product is different from the set of criteria that wholesale distributors follow, pitching your product to a distributor is not the same as pitching it to your customers.

Food distributors won’t begin to consider collaborating with you if they don’t see any profit in your product. In fact, some wholesale distributors are even particular about not working with suppliers that are difficult to deal with. So, it all depends on the profitability, quality, and scalability of the product, and on the image, your company has as a manufacturer or supplier.

We, at Al Maya Trading, take pride in being one of the leading wholesale distributors in the UAE. We have a wide range of products for you to choose from, and our supermarkets are all across the country. So, if you ever look for a distributor for your new product that can help it as well as your brand not only reach its audience, but also expand it, we can be your perfect choice in the UAE.