Brands based out of the Philippines, joined forces with Al Maya

The Al Maya Group has always ensured that the people of UAE are exposed to a wide array of brands. Al Maya Trading known for its distribution strengths, supplies highly recognized brands from different parts of the world, to eminent supermarkets and retailers in UAE. With an intention to regularly update our infrastructure, we, as one of the leading distribution companies in the UAE, introduce the latest technological advancements to our supply chain management. Since the brands are based out of different countries, we, as a reliable distribution partner, yearn to offer them immense recognition, and that too, on a global level. Some of the brands Al Maya Trading distributes, that come from the Philippines, are as follows:

1. Virginia Food, Inc. :Virginia Food, Inc. is a company that is quite popular among the Filipinos. It provides varied high-quality, frozen canned and meat products, and boasts of having several brands under its belt, namely Virginia, Stefan’s, Winner, El Rancho, Champion, and New Yorker.

2. Buenas Fruit Preserves :Buenas Fruit Preserves are fruits that are developed and marketed, for use in the long run. Buenas Nata De Coco is their most popular fruit, consumed as a dessert. It is a translucent, delicious fruit made in the form of jelly by fermenting coconut water. Some other derivatives include Red Mung Beans, Sweet Banana, Sweet Macapuno Balls, Sweet Coconut Spread, White Beans, and Kaong.

3. Pampanga’s Best :Pampanga’s Best is one of the leading companies in the Philippines, when it comes to processed meat products. It is known for the salty & sweet taste of its products, especially tocino, which is basically sweet marinated pork. The company has its footprint in other food categories, such as tapa, bacon, hotdog, longanisa, and ham. Not only that, it also provides Halal products that are made of beef and chicken, in order to meet the needs of those who do not eat pork.

4. Celebes Organic & conventional Coconut water :Celebes Coconut Corporation is a trusted manufacturer and exporter of the “Organic Certified” coconut water. Coconut water is actually the juice found inside a fresh coconut. Its water is an all-natural electrolyte-filled and it is one of the nature’s most refreshing drinks consumed worldwide well-known for its nutritious and health benefiting properties.
Celebes Coconut Water has transformed its coconut water utilizing the most recent innovation to preserve the refreshing quality and flavor of natural coconut water. It is a thirst-quenching yet refreshing drink that can be utilized as juice base for beverage, blended with the other fruit flavors. It is a common refreshment that is delectable, and brimming with the salts, sugars and the vitamins needed by everyone of all age groups.

So, if anyone is looking for fermented fruit products, processed meat products or organic coconut water for personal or commercial use, these are the brands that they should definitely look for, at an Al Maya supermarket near you.