7 kitchen essential brands from India, distributed by Al Maya Trading

As one of the most reliable distribution companies in the UAE, we are always keen on giving our clients the recognition they deserve and providing people in the UAE with everything they need. So, we constantly strive to introduce new, exclusive brands from all over the world to our customers. Our journey to enhance our infrastructure is on-going, so we bring in the latest technology and state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, which enhances our supply management chain. Until now, we have diversified our collection with over 50 widely popular brands from various countries, including India.

Kitchen essentials are one of the main categories that every family looks for. Here are the kitchen essentials brands from India, distributed by Al Maya Trading:


With more than 500 towns and 10,000 outlets all over India being served by Pillsbury, it is regarded as a super brand in the atta/ flour category. It is packaged and gives you the pureness of delicious, soft rotis. Its chakki fresh atta is 100% whole wheat grain atta with fibre that acts as a vehicle carrying oxygen in one’s body. It is available in two variants - Pillsbury atta with Multi-grain and Pillsbury Gold atta.


The Dairymax care believes in creating the best quality of ghee, which is healthy for everyone. It strives to spread a healthy approach to life by sourcing the materials from the source itself and processing it in high-end facilities.


In order to create high-end dairy products, including pure desi ghee, pure cow’s ghee, and frozen paneer, Ksheer sources milk from local farmers and processes it in a world-class system. The dedication and care that go into the making of all Ksheer dairy products, make them a healthy choice for you.


ADF Foods Ltd. is one of the renowned names in the food industry. It started off as a small retail store of dry fruits and nuts in 1932; but slowly and gradually, it expanded into this giant manufacturer of varied processed foods, such as ethnic Indian pickles, canned foods, frozen foods, and spices. Few years after the Camel brand acquisition, they began a brand of Indian pickles in the Middle East under the pseudonym, ‘Aeroplane’, which is currently the leading brand in the UK and US, in the mango chutney brand.


With a broad product collection, ranging from food oils to global food brands, R.R. Oomerbhoy Pvt. Ltd. (RRO) is one of the leading names in the food industry. It is highly reputed for the superiority of its products and the detailed attention given to the entire process, ranging from sourcing the purest oil to strict quality standards in processing.


With a long history of being recognized as an Indian heritage brand, MTR Foods is a popular household name today, all over the world. It has been known for serving authentic, traditional Indian food to Indians. It offers a diverse collection, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts and unifies India with its unique taste. Culinary delights that have been savoured and passed on through generations are created into fully authentic recipes, which are eventually packaged in innovative ways. It makes the homemaker the ‘hero’ of the family, enabling them to impart the authenticity of Indian foods to all sorts of dishes.


With a capacity of 1,000,000 liters per day, Gowardhan is an ISO 9000 and AGMARK certified company. It was founded by Parag Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd. in 1992 and still stands as one of the biggest private dairy companies. It is committed to high standards when it comes to the quality of products, including ghee, processed cheese, and paneer. The ghee is made from 100% pure cow’s milk, and the paneer is low in fats and high in protein and calcium.

So, if you are looking for any type of kitchen essentials at an Al Maya supermarket nearby, these are the brands that you should definitely purchase. They not only offer high-end products, but are also renowned and reliable on a global scale.